Wind energy simulations

HPC-Competence Center

The Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC) is a partnership between the five Flemish universities and their university associations. The VSC encourages the use of scientific and technical computing in the Flemish academic and industrial landscape. To this end it offers infrastructure, training and services. In addition, VSC acts as a lever to promote the importance of scientific and technical computing and its added value to society.


The Enterprise

3E NV is a Belgian renewable energy consultancy firm, delivering advisory services and software solutions for sustainable energy project developments and operations worldwide. Several (research) projects are going on in which supercomputing plays an indispensable role. One prominent example concerns 3E’s wind energy branch.

How HPC makes the difference

3E utilizes the mesoscale research and forecasting (WRF) modeling software to simulate atmospheric conditions over areas such as the Belgian onshore and offshore region for a period of several decades. These simulations yield a representation of the long-term wind resource, which can be used in power generation predictions for the benefit of wind park development studies. By assessing the risk profile and viability of wind farms in this way, developers and owners can increase performance and return on their projects, and can attract and inform investors. Rory Donnelly, Program Manager Wind Simulations at 3E, explains: “Over the last few years, 3E has been able to rely on the (human) resources of the Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC).”

“This has allowed us to streamline our procedure and deliver mesoscale assessments in a costeffective way, both in terms of FTEs and computer time.” “Access to the vast and reliable HPC infrastructure of the VSC – first at Ghent University, then on Flanders’ own Tier1 supercomputer – has been an absolute advantage and has helped us considerably to make a difference in a competitive market. The availability and the expertise of the dedicated helpdesk has also been a great asset.”