Use Cases

Use Cases – How working with HPC technology makes the difference!

To gain an overview of exemplary problems that have been successfully solved using HPC technology, SESAME Net partners compiled a collection of Use Cases illustrating how SMEs from diverse business areas took advantage from HPC. If you are working in similar fields or face similar challenges, chances are high that HPC could provide real benefits for your business.

Furthermore Use Cases are essential element in marketing activities. The following success stories can be used to illustrate how real companies benefit from HPC technologies in different areas of business.

Energy, Water and Environment

pdf-iconMainstream Renewable Energy

Partner: ICHEC


pdf-iconPrototype Earth Observation

Partner: ICHEC


pdf-iconSimulating Metocean Data

Partner: ICHEC

pdf-iconUrban Air Quality

Partner: PSNC


Life Science


Manufacturing and Materials

pdf-iconSystems simulation on the Cloud

Partner: Arctur/Yotta


pdf-iconCAD on the Cloud

Partner: Arctur/Yotta


pdf-iconVirtual Prototyping

Partner: IT4I

virtual prototyping

pdf-iconCFD on the Cloud

Partner: Arctur/Yotta


pdf-iconPLM on the Cloud

Partner: Arctur/Yotta


pdf-iconCAM on the Cloud

Partner: Arctur/Yotta


pdf-iconCAD comparison on the Cloud

Partner: Arctur/Yotta



Creative and new Industries

pdf-iconTranscode Research

Partner: HPCW


pdf-iconAgent-based Modelling

Partner: HPCW