Transcode Research

HPC-Competence Center

High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales is Wales’ national super-computing service provider. Host to the UK’s largest national distributed supercomputing network, HPC-Wales provides businesses and researchers with local access to world-class technology and the support to fully exploit it.

The Enterprise

Having spent a lifetime in professional computer graphics, Stefan Samociuk’s artistic work is mostly in HD video and surround sound exploring synaesthetic experience of Transcendent Form Transcode Algorithm (TTA) derived structures.

How HPC makes the difference


A look at VLSPI Very Large Scale Photonic integration rendered at 8K video resolution

Discovered by Stefan Samociuk, the Transcendent Form Transcode Algorithm (TTA), is based on prime number arithmetic and generates infinite, intelligently ordered geometric structures in all prime dimensional spaces. In themselves, they are exceedingly complex, however they can be transcoded into simpler constructs more easily recognisable by our visual senses. This subject is now under consideration as a mathematical basis for designing meta materials, especially photonic and plasmonic crystals, by modelling computational rules directly into geometrical constructs, based on optical hardware algorithms. Stefan used surface and volumetric rendering software on HPC Wales systems in order to render a series of these intelligently ordered structures in high resolution, resulting in a full 4K UHDTV promotional presentation and has gone on to render a Very Large Scale Photonic Integration, VLSPI, rendered at 8K video resolution.