Social Scalability and Analytics

HPC – Competence Center

ICHEC is the national High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Ireland and is a centre of domain, systems and software expertise that provides high performance software solutions to academia, industry (SMEs and MNCs) and state bodies, through partnership, knowledge transfer, project delivery and service provision. ICHEC operates the national HPC service providing compute resources and software expertise for the research communities across all the main science disciplines through collaborative partnerships and programmes of education and outreach.

The Enterprise

From tracking drivers’ braking behaviour to installing wearable devices on factory workers and funding medical-advice mobile apps, many insurance companies are trying to become more present in their customers’ lives. They know that improving the long-term economics of the business will require interacting more and delivering more value to customers. A customer-centred approach has finally gained the attention of many insurance executives as an alternative to the traditional, internal focus on products, agents and in-year financial considerations. WeSavvy is a Dublin based startup company that offers customers a way to earn cash points on their insurance premium through their everyday activity. Exercise such as walking, cycling or running will earn users cash points, which can then be used to buy products through WeSavvy smart mobile application.

How HPC makes difference

Sample of activity report from WeSavvy platform

The company collaborated with ICHEC in 2016 after enrolling into a number of pilot projects with international insurance companies based in USA and Europe who looked to test the company’s product on a selection of their customer base. Although this is an important business achievement for the company it placed them with a huge challenge in terms of scalability. ICHEC conducted a review of the WeSavvy’s platform, the review focused on four points: the study of the data schema with regards to consistency, the development of an approach to add social graph storage to the schema, the testing of a simulation of the database to the projected scale of the company’s data in a year’s time, and finally identify approaches to restrict the access of company partners to only part of the social graph. The value for the company came when ICHEC generated synthetic data to simulate the database to a scale at which it could be expected to be in a year’s time. The collaboration has significantly enhanced WeSavvy’s in-house expertise in High Performance Data Analytics, and look to work again with ICHEC in 2017.