Discover High Performance Computing on SESAME Net

SESAME Net aims to become a point of entry  to HPC (High Performance Computing) for SMEs. For this purpose a mix of internationally respected competence centres and organizations joined forces aiming to raise SMEs’ awareness on HPC and demonstrate its features and benefits.

Enables SMEs to participate in the provision of competitive HPC-technology solutionsThe vast increase of computational power in the last decades has created exciting opportunities and work areas. HPC has become an essential  tool for industry and academia to innovate in many domains, e.g. Computer aided engineering, simulations, renewable energy, financial services, satellite, Earth observation, advanced image analysis, data science and precision agriculture and many other areas. But HPC can help your business as well. HPC can help spark your business innovations. It can improve design turnaround time for new products, reduce time to market and increase your overall competitiveness.

97% of companies that have adopted the technology said they could not compete or survive without it (IDC, 2014).