SESAME Net’s Services

SESAME Net’s Services

  • Consulting services: SESAME Net has local contact persons in partially all European regions and offers consulting services in many languages, which include individual advice on specific scenarios and help to find out if the utilisation of HPC might be beneficial in your situation.
  • Substantial expertise: Members offer vast expertise in data modelling, simulation, data analytics etc. in various domains and assist in the development and use of HPC applications for solving diverse practical problems.
  • Technical training: Partners provide both at introductory and advanced levels, business sector tailored training, user support for software development, coding, porting, optimization, performance benchmarking and HPC technologies.
  • Forum and online platform: SESAME Net’s website contains illustrative Use Cases of successful collaborations between HPC Competence Centres and SMEs and further information material. The forum allows SMEs to directly contact our experts.
  • Provision of comprehensive information: On a regular basis partners summarize available funding opportunities in Europe, possible collaboration opportunities and European wide events, training courses and workshops.


Services of the Networks HPC Centers

SESAME Net enables an easier access to members services which include:

  • HPC resources
  • Wide range of HPC applications and software
  • Software development & Code optimization services
  • Performance benchmarking
  • HPC & Cloud infrastructure management
  • HPC Technologies like FPGA-technologe


Browse our catalogue of HPC Centers to find out more. Click a center for a more detailed description of its resources and services.

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