PSNC Coworking space and shared working environment

Topic:PSNC Coworking space and shared working environment

Speaker: Krzystof Kurowski (PSNC)

HPC center: PSNC, Poland


Category of Best Practice: coworking



Back in 2011 we decided to open PSNC coworking environment to attract students, young professionals, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who need a shared space and seek a community with a collaborative spirit. Addiitionally, PSNC provided professional services ranging from printing, workshops, hackathons to ICT consulting.


  • PSNC managed to find young talents and professionals to work with thanks to the coworking space
  • PSNC has established many new links to SMEs through people who visited the covering space in the past
  • PSNC teams were more productive, especially when multidisciplinary activities were conducted in some R&D ICT projects
  • PSNC local visibility and public relation have been increased


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