SESAME Network

SESAME Network

SESAME Net is an open and inclusive network consisting of a mix of centers and organizations aiming:

  • to exchange knowledge, success stories, use cases and best practice materials about engaging SMEs in HPC
  • to raise the SMEs’ awareness on HPC and how it can benefit them
  • to enhance the potential of SMEs to effectively use HPC

SESAME Net is a diverse network containing both HPC competence centers with significant experience in industrial cooperation and a wide range of services as well as centers that have extensive HPC expertise but little industry engagement. The network facilitates interaction between centers in order to “help each other to help SMEs”. SESAME Net aims to be an entry point to HPC for SMEs by providing access to a directory of expertise and facilities and by organizing targeted workshops, training events, and best practice webinars.


One of the objectives of the SESAME Network is to stimulate the exchange of experience and knowledge between HPC centres, the public and private sector right across the EU so that all countries, regions and areas are involved and have equall access to the same services and opportunities. The main benefit of the project is to establish a public repository of dissemination material related to HPC and provide information on a variety of useful resources which includes upcoming funding calls, events, training opportunities and networking/ partnering opportunities. While the initial SESAME network consists of 15 companies, public research institutes and universities from 13 European countries, our focus is now set on extending this network to involve new members, especially from those countries not direclty involved into the SESAME-Net project.

Why become a Member?

To help shape the future of the adoption of HPC related technology by SMEs. By joining the SESAME Network you will be a part of a pan-European professional community which recognizes that the mastery of – and access to – High-Performance Computing technologies is essential for innovation and growth. Members share a number of common goals:

  • Promoting the take up of HPC by SMEs
  • Creating a body of knowledge on best practices and use cases
  • Developing and exchanging training materials
  • Supporting more international collaboration between HPC Centres and SMEs
  • Sharing experiences and ideas to develop innovative solutions and services for SMEs

Membership activities include attending and participating in regular Members meetings, workshops, and awareness raising events.

Membership benefits include:02-11_4

  • Participating in regular meetings, workshops, and awareness raising events
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience (new members can reduce time required to create and expand their HPC client network, improve business strategies, etc.)
  • Common events with other SESAME Net members
  • Exploit best-practice gathered and acquired by other members (service providers)
  • Funding opportunities
  • Possibility to participate in the preparation of project proposal related to HPC innovation, building and preparing application for HPC environments