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Contact: Rado Kotar (info@yac.hr)

Phone: +385 51 265961

Yotta Advanced Computing is a start-up SME from Rijeka Technological Park, Croatia. Yotta is an R&D oriented company, the pool for co-workers and partnerships for various projects is connected to Rijeka University, to STEP-RI – Technological park Rijeka, and to R&D institutions both from Croatia and neighboring countries. The main areas of company’s expertise cover High Performance Computing, Cloud solutions and Cross platform Mobile applications. Yotta has a wide network of Manufacturing SMEs, mainly from Croatia and elsewhere in the region, providing them HPC expertise and building the demand for usage of HPC technology to increase the added value of their products and/or shortening the “Time to market“ process.

Service Portfolio


HPC has grown into the key enabling technology for industrial and scientific leadership and economic advancement. It helps reach scientific and industrial solutions faster, cheaper and with greater quality than theory and experimentation alone. Yotta is continuously developing strategic partnerships with leading HPC users and software vendors in order to develop customized solutions for the most challenging problems in technologically intensive industries.


Modern IT environments demand higher server capabilities with the highest possible availability and flexibility. Yotta offers exceptional service with which you will be able to fulfill all of your plans of reorganizing your IT into the cloud. The service includes a wide array of possibilities form the hosting of a virtual server, to a private cloud or even a personalized cloud service. Do not accept compromises – choose our services that are at the highest level – for the lows prices in the region.

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:


Architecture(s): Intel X86

233 TFlops

Storage: NFS and tape storage
HPC applications and software available: Development Tools:

Various applications. Check yac.hr for latest software stack.


SSH access

Access policies

Only for pre-validated users

Other resources available

Cloud Resources


HPC related Products

Consulting and advanced programming

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