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Vilnius University (VU) is one of the oldest universities in east Europe, an integral part of European science and culture. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (MIF) is a biggest one in Vilnius University, where specialists of informatics, statistics and mathematics are being prepared. MIF has more than 2000 students and 200 staff members. Computing resources and facilities for Faculty are provided by DiSCC, it also manages largest supercomputer in Lithuanian educational sector. It provides supercomputing power combined together with research potential of highly skilled university professionals. DiSCC is spreading HPC, Cloud and GRID technologies in Lithuania for almost 10 years, helping even business through education.

Service Portfolio

  • Creation of data analysis models
  • Optimization and creation of analytical algorithms of business process data visualization and analysis
  • Creation of massive data management and analysis algorithms using cloud computing
  • Development of management and analytical algorithms of sensors and stream data in HPC and cloud computing
  • Relocation and data analysis of business processes in cloud computing
  • Calculations and creation of algorithms for video and audio processing
  • Operation and installation consulting
  • Consulting for data analytics applications on HPC systems

HPC Resources available

No. of systems: 4

Mixed HPC clusters


20 TFlop/s

Storage: 300TB
Testsystems for Accelerators: none
HPC applications and software available:

Development Tools: different compilers (eg. Java/OpenJDK, gcc/g++/gfortran, etc.), development environments (eg. ipython ) and performance tools

Opensource: ATLAS, BLACS, BLAS, Dalton, FFTW2, FFTW3, GAMESS-US, gnuplot, Hadoop, HDF5, HDF5-Java, , LAPACK, Matplotlib, NumPy, Octave, OpenMP, OpenMPI, PDL, Perl, POV-Ray, Python, R, ScaLAPACK, SciPy

Comment: customer dependent software can be installed on request

Access interactive
Access policies
  • Representative of the SME must have enough knowledge to use given resources;
  • The project should not provide ethical issues;
  • The question of the Intellectual property must be agreed before the project begins;
  • The project should not violate laws or make any harm for the environment or IT Research Center.

Other resources available

Cloud Resources

27 Node OpenNebula cloud resources

HPC related Products

  • Genome Data Integration Platforms (BC/GENE, Lifescope)
  • Big Data Analysis (Hadoop, MongoDB)
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