University of Ljubljana


Contact: Leon Kos (

Phone: +38614771436

The HPC-Centre is situated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and mainly serves projects at the university, of whom the majority are projects related to engineering. Many of the projects coming form the mechanical engineering are industrial or CFD simulations (plasma, multiphase, FSI, etc.) for research purposes (with commercial and open source codes).

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:


Architecture(s): x86

16 TFlops

Storage: 140 TB LUSTRE
HPC applications and software available:

Development Tools:

Intel Parallel studio
Allinea DDT


ANSYS Multiphysics
Siemens NX


Elmer, Salome, Code Aster, Code Saturne, OpenFoam,…

Access SSH and NoMachine NX

Access policies

HPC related Products

HPC users are supported with the required modules for their projects, but usually develop and compile their own codes.

Quality management certifications

ISO 9001 Compliance‎

Collaborations with SMEs

The UL HPC-Centre collaborates with SMEs in a consulting and project collaborative manner. Mostly , our HPC expertise is involved in research projects with SMEs on an open-research basis. Furthermore, NDA contracts are common within the limits of the commercial code usage.

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