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Ruđer Boškovic Institute (RBI), founded in 1950, is the largest and most renowned scientific institution in Croatia regarding the fields of natural and technical sciences. The Centre for Informatics and Computing of RBI was involved in many FP6 and FP7 projects oriented to distributed computing, high-speed computing, high throughput computing, data mining, virtual laboratory, scientific visualization and providing eScience platform and services. The Center’s involvement in the project dissemination to large user communities. Having already participated in many eInfrastructure, eScience especially on Galaxy/CloudMan projects, members of RBI are well versed regarding the general trajectory for this project, potential problems, and viable resolution of those. The RBI have a widespread collaborative network with relevant associations.

Service Portfolio

RBI provides various services and expertises including:

  • Research and development of advanced parallel algorithms
  • Knowledge and experience in parallelization of existing software
  • Cloudman platform for bioinformatics in the Cloud (Galaxy,
  • Optimizing applications for HPC, cluster, grid and cloud environments
  • Development of interactive applications
  • Scientific portal development (workflow orientated)Support for hybrid computing architecture (GPU, FPGA)
  • Support for hybrid computing architecture (GPU, FPGA)

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:


Architecture(s): Cluster RISNJAK

  • 11 nodes
  • Each node: 2 x quad-core Intel Xeon CPU E5345@2,33 GHz and 16 GB RAM

CRO-NGI grid site

  • 1 frontend + 13 worker nodes + storage element
  • Frontend: HP ProLiant DL385 G2, Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2.2 GHz, 8 GB memory, 860 GB
  • Worker node: HP ProLiant SL230s Gen8, Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz (20 cores), 64 GB memory, 500 GB disk
  • Storage: DELL PowerVault MD3000i, 6.8 TB
Performance: RISNJAK: 0.35 TFlop/s
Storage: 4 TB (Risnjak) + 6 TB (CRO-NGI)
Testsystems for Accelerators:

8 x NVIDIA TESLA K80, 4 x Xeon PHI 7120P, 12 x NVIDIA Grid K2

HPC applications and software available: Development Tools (RISNJAK):

  • Job management: SGE
  • Parallel libraries: MPICH, MPICH2
  • gcc 4.4.7
  • OpenBLAS

End-user applicaions:

  • Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF-ARW)
  • CecogAnalyzer (bioimage informatics)

Development Tools (CRO-NGI):

  • Job management: Condor, SGE, OpenPBS/Torque+Maui
  • Parallel libraries: MPICH, MPICH-MPD and PVM
  • MPITH (MPI Thin and High Performance) – implementation of MPI protocols
  • Cluster MKL
  • Ganglia monitoring system
  • Intel compilers for C and Fortran
  • Java development and execution environment
  • Parallel file system pvfs

End-user application:

  • Gaussian
  • PovRay
  • Gromacs
  • AutoDock
  • Wise


  • Galaxy platform on the cloud (via Cloudman on Amazon AWS)
Access portal and interactive

Access policies

Risnjak: not publicly open (upon request)

CRO-NGI: Free for the research institutions and R&D projects (via grid queueing system, authorization X.509 certificates).

Other resources available

Cloud Resources MyCloud repository
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