Riga Technical University HPC Center

Contact: Lauris Cikovskis (hpc@rtu.lv)

Phone: +371 67089453

Riga Technical University HPC Center is an initiative under supervision of the Office of Vice-Rector for Research, which aims at providing support to application of e-science technologies in research. The HPC Center was established in June 2012 as a follow up to computing activities initiated by FP6 and FP7 projects BalticGrid I & II. 

Service Portfolio

  • Compute time in HPC cluster
  • User support (adapt computing tasks for HPC, software installation)
  • Software development and code optimization
  • Training (CUDA, scientific software e.g. MATLAB courses)
  • HPC system installation/administration
  • Consultancy

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:



x86, GPU, infiniband interconnection




238 TB parallel storage

HPC applications and software available:

Development Tools:

GNU compilers, Intel Parallel Studio (Intel C/C++, Fortran, MPI compilers), Python, Perl, OpenMPI, CUDA


MATLAB Distributed computing server with third-party license for academia, Agisoft PhotoScan (commercial license available), COMSOL Multiphysics (license should be provided by user)


OpenFoam, Scilab, GROMACS, Peridigm, Blender


Other software packages can be installed on request.

Access SSH to login node.
Graphical interface with x11 forwarding.

Other resources available

Cloud Resources

KVM infrastructure for high performance virtual machines

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