Irish High End Computing, National University of Galway


Contact: Sufian Al Aswad (, Simon Wong (

Phone: +353 1 524 1608 ext. 25 or 26

The Irish Centre for High‐End Computing (ICHEC) is the national HPC centre in Ireland. It was established in late 2005 under the aegis of the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). With its 27 staff, including 18 research‐active computational scientists, ICHEC has adopted an active policy on industry engagement and collaboration with the SME sector in Ireland to support the Irish government’s action plan for Jobs 2013, seeking to establish an environment conducive to job creation through innovation and improved competitiveness of our indigenous SME sector. In its relatively short existence, ICHEC has engaged with a total of 145 companies. With todays economical and technological challenges, and the current commercial scene, trust is a pre‐requisite to successful SME engagement. ICHEC has been successful in developing such relationships through its pro‐business environment with an established track record of industry engagement built on strong intellectual property protection through a highly skilled workforce, a choice of industry accredited project management frameworks, and strong communication abilities. ICHEC has a proven track record in designing and delivering training programmes to industry and Academia, delivering courses to a number of financial organisations, multinational companies and Irish public body institutions.

Service Portfolio

  • National HPC Service provider
  • Research – National and European level
  • Consultancy Services (industry)
  • Technical Training

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:


Architecture(s): SGI ICE X / Hybrid / SGI UV 2000

Intel Xeon E5-2695 / Xeon Phi 5110P / NVIDIA Tesla K20

Performance: 140.4 Tflops
Storage: 560 TB
Testsystems for Accelerators: Xilinx FPGA test system
HPC applications and software available:

Development Tools:

Intel cluster suite, Allinea debugger and profiler, GNU development tools


Ansys, Abaqus, Gaussian,


Too many to list!

Access ssh only

Access policies

Ireland only

Collaborations with SMEs

21 SMEs and Start-ups based in Ireland.
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