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The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IICT-BAS) is founded on 1st of July 2010 as a successor of the Institute for Parallel Processing, Institute of Information Technologies and Institute of Computer and Communication Systems. The institute integrates the strongest Bulgarian groups in: large-scale high-performance computations, parallel algorithms, Grid and Cloud, linguistic and semantic technologies, intelligent systems, signal and image processing. The institute is a core partner for SEE region in different HPC-related project. IICT-BAS coordinated the 5-year national SuperCA++ project, establishing a Centre of Excellence for developing of supercomputer applications, which includes several universities and institutes. The institute supported the development of HPC applications from different areas of science, e.g. environmental protection, semiconductor physics, biomedicine and bioinformatics and targeting different architectures-clusters, GPU and supercomputers. In the last few year, IICT-BAS established cooperation with SMEs working in different arias of Bulgarian economics. As an owner of the Advanced Computing and Data Centre ( IICT-BAS provides HPC resources to the industry and academia.

Service Portfolio

  • Code optimizing & Software development
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Assistance using various simulation codes
  • Training (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, Intel MIC)
  • Joint research/development in mathematical modelling and applied mathematics
  • Consulting on HPC approaches for BigData analysis.

HPC Resources available

No. of systems: 2
  • Avitohol HPC system: 150 HP Cluster Platform SL250S GEN8 servers with 2 Intel Xeon E 2650 v2 CPUs and 2 Intel Xeon Phi 7120P coprocessors; FDR InfiniBand.
  • HPCG system (Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Grid cluster): (i) HP Cluster Platform Express 7000 enclosures with 36 blades BL 280c; (i) 2 HP ProLiant SL390s G7 4U servers with 16 NVIDIA Tesla M2090 graphic cards; (iii) 2 HP SL270s Gen8 4U server with 9 Intel Xeon Phi 5110P Coprocessors; FDR and DDR
  • Avitohol: 412.3 Tflop/s theoretical peak performance
  • HPCG : 22.97 Tflop/s theoretical peak performance
  • Avitohol 96 TB
  • HPCG 132 TB
Testsystems for Accelerators:
  • NVIDIA Tesla M2090
  • Intel Xeon Phi 7120P and Intel Xeon Phi 5110P
HPC applications and software available: Development Tools:

Compilers, libraries and tools (for debugging, profiling and performance analysis)

Intel SDK, PAPI, Scalasca, Score-P, Total View, Valgring




charm++, CPMD, GAMESS, GROMACS, NAMD, NWChem, Quantum Espresso, mpiBLAST, WRF, CMAQ, SMOKE OpenFoam, PETSc, Octave


Customers can request installation of software they require


Login nodes, interactive access

Access policies

joint projects or contract for research

Acceptable Use Policy:

Other resources available

Cloud Resources
  • Hadoop cluster,
  • OpenStack (planned)


Quality management certifications

FitSM (planned)

Collaborations with SMEs

Collaborative research and contractual projects, e.g. see here:


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