HPC-UGent – Ghent University

Contact: Ewald Pauwels (hpc@ugent.be)
Phone: +32-9-264.4716

HPC-UGent-Ghent University provides centralised scientific computing services, training, and support for researchers from Ghent University, industry, and other knowledge institutes.

Service Portfolio

HPC-UGent offers a professional scientific computing environment that is stable, user-friendly, and serves the diverse purposes of our customers.
HPC-UGent provides a structural training curriculum for new and advanced users, and provides supporting course material.

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:

5 clusters, totalling +11.000 cores


Intel x86


226 TFlops


3 PB

HPC applications and software available:

 Development Tools: HPC-UGent is one of the main developers behind the EasyBuild, which allows us to support a myriad of different scientific software packages on the clusters. This includes opensource and commercial codes.

See for an overview:



Login nodes with basic visualisation capabilities

Access policies Usually free of charge for researchers based in Flanders, Belgium.
Companies or researchers from abroad can buy compute time at competitive prices.

HPC related Products

HPC-UGent is the home of two HPC-related products:

Collaborations with SMEs

HPC-UGent has a continuous collaboration with a couple of SMEs and industrial partners.
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