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The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET S.A.) is a state–owned non-profit company, operating under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education – General Secretariat for Research and Technology. Its mission is to provide high–quality electronic Infrastructure services to the academic, research and educational community of Greece; and link these with global e-Infrastructures; and to disseminate ICT to the general public. GRNET currently operates a backbone network providing coverage of the whole national territory. It also supports the regional network developments in South East Europe. GRNET is strongly involved in pan–European HPC initiatives. GRNET runs national and international training events for networks, HPC and distributed computing related topics. Since 2000, GRNET has established strong links with the business sector aiming at establishing useful measures for promoting electronic business in Greece. GRNET has experience in promoting e-Infrastructures to the business sector, leading related activities in the context of the South Eastern European collaboration in the area of Networking, Grid and HPC.

Service Portfolio

  • HPC Project Access (1 year access for production projects for academia / public research communities)
  • HPC Preparatory Access (2-6 months for preparatory projects for academia public research communities)
  • HPC development access ( 4-6 months for preparatory projects for academia public research communities)
  • Application Support (for academia / public research communities)
  • Training (for academia, open to industry as well)

HPC Resources available

No. of systems: 1
Architecture(s): 426 dual socket IBM NextScale nodes, each configured with E5 2680v2 Intel 10-core processors and 64GB main memory. Infiniband FDR 14
Performance: 180 Tflops/s
Storage: 1000 TB
Testsystems for Accelerators: 8 x NVIDIA TESLA K80, 4 x Xeon PHI 7120P, 12 x NVIDIA Grid K2
HPC applications and software available: Development Tools:

Intel Compilers and tools, GNU, PGI, ETC.


Codes: None, Compilers: Intel, PGI


Large list. See here

Access Via open calls. Variations based on the type of access. See service portfolio.
Access policies Academia / Researchers working in Greece. European via PRACE DECI and other types of access. South Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean via VI-SEEM. Bilateral Agreements in preparation.

Other resources available

Cloud Resources Okeanos and ViMa cloud services with over 5000 VMs

Quality management certifications

ISO 9001

Collaborations with SMEs

Effort to capture requirements, HPC training Call for ISVs to demo software to users in our infrastructure.
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