Flemish Supercomputer Centre


Contact: Ewald Pauwels

Phone: +32-9-264 4716

The Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC) is a collaborative project on High Performance Computing bringing together all HPC centres in the 5 Flemish University associations: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Limburg. The VSC is mainly funded by the Flemish Government. The VSC is responsible for the development and management of High Performance Computer Infrastructure used for research and innovation in both the academic world and industry. It also assists researchers active in academic institutions and the industry when using HPC through training programs and targeted advice.

Service Portfolio

  • HPC Consultancy: how can your company benefit from supercomputing.
  • Compute time: buy compute cycles at internationally competitive rates with dedicated helpdesk included.

  • User support: optimize your computation work flow with our assistance. Software installs done at your request.

  • Training: frequent training events open to all users. Topics include but are not limited to: HPC & Linux introduction, code performance improvements, specific end-user applications such as OpenFOAM.

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:

5 universities with each a Tier-2 cluster and a single Tier-1 cluster. This gives a total of 40000 computer cores.


Intel/AMD x86-64


Total of 1528 TF


Total of 3.3 PB

Testsystems for Accelerators:

Xeon Phi and Nvidia GPU

HPC applications and software available:

Development Tools:

We provide a full and up to date stack to build software. Both GCC and Intel compilers are present together with BLAS/LAPACK, MPI, debugging tools, etc.

Any software in the list below can be installed immediately


Any missing software can be installed at request (provided the needed license, if any, are there)


Login nodes, interactive access

Access policies

Only for companies with employ people in Flanders.

HPC related Products

  • Easybuild: install scientific HPC software with ease. See here
  • HOD: hanythingondemand provides a set of scripts to easily set up an ad-hoc Hadoop cluster through PBS jobs. See here

Collaborations with SMEs

Some use cases can be found here.

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