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Arctur is Research & Development oriented SME, active in the field of ICT. Established in 1992, Arctur has progressed to become the main Slovenian commercial supplier of HPC (High Performance Computing) services and solutions. Arctur has its own HPC and Cloud Computing infrastructure to be used as the technological foundation for advanced HPC and Cloud computing solutions and innovative web services in a distributed, high-redundancy environment. The company has extensive experience in server virtualization and deployment, integration of disparate IT-systems, IT support of project-management and server farm leverage for the deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS), specialised for small and media enterprises (SME).

Service Portfolio

Understanding the importance of continuous progress, Arctur has its own R&D department, registered with the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). Arctur is involved in joint R&D projects with research institutes, universities and other R&D organizations from EU and globally.

Arctur deliver HPC services and solutions to technical and scientific users in various technologically intensive industries, it offers high priority computing; meaning that results can be provided in merely a day. HPC solutions vary based on your needs. Our HPC engineers will advise you to choose the optimal solutions for your business.

Web&Mobile solutions
In recent years Arctur is active in the field of mobile solutions, interlacing them with web and Cloud platforms. Company has also entered the fast developing field of 3D printing, both in data acquisition and 3D modelling, supported with remote rendering and parallel computations in a dedicated Cloud-based ecosystem. Endeavours related to 3D technologies are often pertinent to the field of cultural heritage.

Technical&Expertise support
Arctur has contributed to a number of non-ICT projects, spanning from various societal issues to cultural heritage, providing both technical expertise in development and support of specific tools, as well as understanding of technology related issues to enhance theoretical work in shaping strategies and road-maps for future research and sustainability models.

HPC Resources available

No. of systems:


Architecture(s): Intel X86

10TFlops & Unknown not yet benchmarked

Storage: NFS
Testsystems for Accelerators:

Two Novel Architecture Sub-systems, each with 16 nodes, 256 computing cores. Each node has an Nvidia Tesla M2090 GP-GPU with 512 CUDA cores per node)

HPC applications and software available: Development Tools:

Various commercial and open Source applications check for latest software stack
ISV-codes: Various commercial and open Source applications check for latest software stack
Open source: Various commercial and open Source applications check for latest software stack



Access policies

Access available to pre-validated and approved users

Other resources available

Cloud Resources

VMware and OpenStack environment

HPC related Products

Consulting and parallelization services

Quality management certifications

ISO 14000

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