Involving students and lecturers affects SME

Topic: Involving students and lecturers affects SME

Speaker: Eduardas Kutka (VU)

HPC center: VU (Vilnius University), Lithuania


Category of Best Prectice: Raising HPC awareness and involvement

Vilnius University (VU) is one of the oldest universities in east Europe, an integral part of European science and culture. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (MIF) is the biggest one in Vilnius University, where specialists of informatics, statistics and mathematics are being prepared. VU MIF IT Research Center (ITRC) manages largest supercomputer in Lithuanian educational sector. It provides supercomputing power combined together with research potential of highly skilled university professionals. ITRC is spreading HPC, Cloud and GRID technologies in Lithuania for more than 10 years, helping business through education.



Each year VU MIF with the help of IT Research center teaches more than 500 students giving them basic knowledge about HPC and how it could be used in business applications. We have found out that it is worth teaching students to use new technologies, because after graduation they can apply their knowledge at work in business or even in their own start-ups (SMEs).

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