Industry Testimonials

Topic: Industry Testimonials

Speaker: Sufian Al Aswad (ICHEC)

HPC center: ICHEC, Ireland


Category of Best Practice: SME awareness


We decided to produce a series of promotional videos to highlight the outputs and benefits of our industry engagement programme to future potential clients in addition to Irish state bodies. The videos were devised in accordance to the activities and sectors we support; ICT, Engineering, Clinical Diagnostics, Renewable Energy and Technical Training. Rather than providing a standard intro storyline to ICHEC, we decided to use client testimonials.


The videos became instrumental in strengthening our brand awareness and have enabled us to deliver quicker sales pitch. Used at conferences and through email correspondence, it provided excellent exposure encapsulating our value proposition using audio and visual content, in addition to enhancing the credibility of our message by having our clients give their feedback and recommendations on working with ICHEC.


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