iCreate – 3D Architectural Visualisation

HPC-Competence Center

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The Enterprise

iCreate, a Swansea-based 3D animation and architectural visualisation company was established in 2003. iCreate’s international trade grew by 50% in 2013, with the company securing a major contract to produce a 3D digital fly-through of the Sochi Winter Olympic Park and a deal with leading Australian fuel supplier Caltex.

How HPC makes the difference


The iCreate Team with Professor Sian Hope from Bangor University

A key element iCreate’s work is producing photorealistic flythroughs and animations of new properties, which requires a huge amount of rendering time. The process of transforming a scene into a finished animation is incredibly processor intensive and time consuming.

Access to HPC has led to a reduction in the amount of time that it takes to transform a 3D scene into a fully functioning animation. Dawn Lyle, iCreate’s co-founder and Managing Director, explains:

“Access to HPC Wales has meant that we can take on larger projects and deliver higher quality outputs, knowing that we’ve got virtually unlimited resources to render that work. The fact that we have used HPC-Wales to render high quality products for clients in America gives us confidence in growing our business in that region.”