HPC4SME Assessment Tool

Topic: HPC4SME Assessment Tool

Speaker: Tomi Ilias (Arctur)

HPC center: Arctur, Slovenia

Website: http://www.arctur.si/

Category of Best Practice: SME awareness and engagement

The HPC4SME Assessment Tool has been designed and developed by Arctur. The main objective of the tool is to offer SMEs the possibility to evaluate their own potential of using HPC in cloud, taking in account their present position and future plans. The methodology behind the scenes is anchored in the Multi-Attribute Decision Making theory. These methods are based in the decision theory and they are well accepted in solving real life complex decision problems by decomposition of complex problem to smaller, less complex problems. Decomposition is presented with a hierarchical tree of attributes. The output of the evaluation process is the automatically produced report, describing the position of the SME, their strong and weak points and offering the recommendations for improvements.


Automatic classification of SMEs and generated report, enable to SMEs and HPC centres to focus on the right things and to recognize the potentials in time. Gathering statistical results from the other SMEs, the similarities and differences can be explored and defined by sector, dimension or country, which will enable faster and more efficient awareness among SMEs.

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