HPC and Industry 4.0

Topic: HPC and Industry 4.0

HPC center: BIFI, Spain

Website: www.bifi.es 

Category of Best Practice: SME awareness


The Institute of Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI) of the University of Zaragoza manages the CAESARAUGUSTA supercomputer as a member of the Spanish Supercomputing Network and the Spanish e-Science Network. BIFI hosts the Supercomputing Center of Aragon (CESAR), a computing infrastructure that encompasses a broad range of HPC, grid, cloud, voluntary computing and dedicated computing technologies. HPC computing resources offer several million CPU hours and hundreds of terabytes of storage per year, to BIFI researchers (and their collaborators) through the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES, https://www.res.es/en). BIFI also collaborates with Industry in its process of innovation giving support in the use of HPC and cloud technologies under the framework of Factories of the Future framework, with projects such as CloudSME, CloudFlow or Fortissimo, with the main goal of provide computing resources and services to industrial SMEs.


The region of Aragon (Spain) is a fruitful industrial area where most of the companies are SMEs. BIFI has established collaborations with some of them to promote the use of HPC and Cloud in their process of simulation and data mining. With more than 12.000 cores, BIFI has participated in CloudSME, Fortissimo and CloudFlow, the three HPC-Cloud simulation projects of the I4MS initiative oriented to support companies from different industrial sectors in the improvement of their business model thanks to these new technologies and infrastructures. Some examples of companies that participated with BIFI in I4MS experiments are the insole manufacturer Podoactiva (http://www.cloudsme-apps.com/production-appcenter/) in collaboration with Ingecon, the software developer of cutting machines Schnell Software (https://www.fortissimo-project.eu/experiments/517) or the condensing biomass boiler manufacturer Biocurve in collaboration with the CFD software provider Nabladot (http://eu-cloudflow.eu/experiments/second-wave/experiment_13.html). At national level, BIFI has focused its cloud research and infrastructures in helping SMEs on how to take advantage of these powerful technologies.

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