Engineering with Hard Deadlines

Topic: Engineering with Hard Deadlines

Speaker: Andres Gomez (CESGA)

HPC center: CESGA, Galicia, Spain,


Category of Best Practice: Managerial


A dead line of a month was faced by CESGA in order to provide a computational solution for an engineering challenge of building a protecting gallery for people and pipelines installed in a harbour. The objective was to find the minimum dimmensions for the gallery, that could ensure safety in certain weather conditions, for a cost-efective solution. The question was: Which are the dimmensions the gallery that ensure safety if p.e. 5 meters in height waves are colliding with the harbour? CESGA adapted the windows software solution to linux and made a visualization tool for the results. Once this was achieved several diferent simulations where run in parallel in order to get the highest amount of data to analize and find the right dimmensions.


CESGA demonstrated that can adapt to urgent needs (software adaptation), work with hard deadlines and solve problems that the enterprise could not resolve with it´s own resources meeting the deadline with the required service quality.


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