Topic: EasyBuild

Speaker: Ward Poelmans (VSC)

HPC center:VSC, Belgium

Website: https://www.vscentrum.be

Category of Best Practice: Technological


EasyBuild is a software build and installation framework that allows you to manage (scientific) software on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems in an efficient way. It is motivated by the need for a tool that combines the following features:

  • a flexible framework for building/installing (scientific) software
  • fully automates software builds
  • divert from the standard configure / make / make install with custom procedures
  • allows for easily reproducing previous builds
  • keep the software build recipes/specifications simple and human-readable
  • supports co-existence of versions/builds via dedicated installation prefix and module files
  • enables sharing with the HPC community (win-win situation)
  • automagic dependency resolution
  • retain logs for traceability of the build processes

Easybuild has a solid community behind it and it extended continuously. It currently supports 931 different software package.


Using Easybuild allows to easily install a large collection of HPC software and keep it up to date. A rebuilding for new hardware is trivial. With Easybuild, the time spent on installing and testing scientific software can be reduced considerable. Managing many versions of one piece of software is trivial.

Info-link: https://hpcugent.github.io/easybuild

Fact Sheet: EasyBuildpdf-icon