Development of the future workforce in Wales

Topic: Development of the future workforce in Wales

Speaker: Martyn Guest (HPCW)

HPC center: HPC Wales, UK


Category of Best Practice: Training



Open to academics, students, businesses and individuals, the HPC Wales Skills Academy provided a wide variety of HPC training courses and workshops developed and delivered at multiple sites across Wales to Businesses, Higher Education and Further Education organisations. Training modules were available at MSc, Degree and Introductory levels, with the content developed in house – together with material from NAG (The Numerical Algorithms Group, and Cornell University (under a collaboration with The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). Delivery involved the running of standalone courses and the insertion of modules into existing degree courses – with a certified postgraduate certificate in HPC. A new On-line learning system, based on the availability of a large portfolio of training material, is poised to enhance and extend the scalability of the training. The availability of contributory bursaries to students on a number of BSc, MSc or MPhil courses across Wales, together with the certification for postgraduate courses, provided a real incentive for those considering the long-term benefits of training.



The HPC Wales Skills Academy and bursaries scheme for Welsh students delivered training to over 2,000 students between 2011 and 2015 who have since graduated and entered the workforce. The Academy provided Wales with a programme at scale to put on short courses now and in the future, that may be delivered at the partner institutions, or when needed, at other training venues or customer locations.


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