Challenges for an academic center in serving SMEs

Topic: Challenges for an academic center in serving SMEs

Speaker: Dana Petcu (UVT)

HPC center: UVT


Category of Best Practice: SME Access


West University of Timisoara owns a HPC center dedicated to research communities with a capability of 18 TFlops (CPUs and GPUs). The usage of these resources by SMEs is allowed in the frame of research and development projects funded by European and national public agencies. The collaboration between the HPC Center and SMEs is challenging not only for the SME but also the HPC center team (“meet in the middle”). While the interaction has the potential to change the service portfolio of the SMEs, the knowledge of the HPC Center team is improved


Beyond the achievements in terms of new services developed by the SMEs and the scientific papers published by the team members of the HPC Center, a valuable asset hard to be quantified is the knowledge gathered in the collaboration process by both sides. As an example, for the HPC center some simple examples are the following: the type of resources (hardware, software and human competences) that should be acquired in the future to satisfy the needs of SMEs, or the fact that an important issue (usually not a priority of an academic HPC Center) is the security of client data.


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