TETRAMAX opened a new call for Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX)

This Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX) requires a cooperation between three or more partners from at least two different EU member states and/or countries associated to Horizon 2020.

This TTX activity brings together:

  • One partner (A) providing a particular novel Customized Low- Energy Computing (CLEC) hardware or software technology from research; up to three further auxiliary partners (from academia or industry) may be included in the consortium in case an interdisciplinary cooperation is required for a successful TTX.
  • One “Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner” (B) testing and deploying the technology in its dedicated, possibly even non‐tech, products with its end customers.
  • Another partner (C) aiming at productizing this technology as a “platform” in the long‐term for a wider market.

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SESAME Net partners attended 64th HPC User Forum at HLRS in Stuttgart, Germany

SESAME Net partners Arctur and Yotta attended 64th HPC User Forum which took place at HLRS in Stuttgart, Germany from 28th of February to 1st of March 2017. The agenda covered a variety of valuable talks, from political, technical and business viewpoints. With an impressive number of over 105 registrations, a broad audience from a diversity of stakeholders got informed about the latest developments in HPC and its communities.
SESAME Net presented the HPC4SME Assessment Tool to many HPC centres who attended the forum and announced the world-wide launch of this on-line tool in second week of March 2017.

HPC-SME-Success Story

virtual prototyping

Use Cases and success stories are a powerful tool to illustrate how companies from different areas of business can benefit from HPC technologies. In this newsletter, we present and describe the cooperation between IT4Innovation’s and BORCAD, a producer of railway and medical technologies.

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Partner-Report – Meet SESAME Net


The Partner Report is a multi-part reportage to introduce our network members. Each newsletter will showcase some of our partners, and highlight some of their most recent activities. This edition will feature Ruđer Bošković Institute from Croatia, Fraunhofer SCAI from Germany and the Irish Centre for High-End Computing ICHEC from Ireland.

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What SESAME Net offers…

Partners_report_articleSESAME Net is a network founded by various HPC Centers to promote access to HPC expertise anywhere in the European Union, to introduce High Performance Computing (HPC) services into SMEs value creation and enabling the dissemination of “best practices” in HPC.

But what does that mean? What is offered? What can that do for you?

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