Building a team for HPC modelling

Topic: Building a team for HPC modelling

Speaker: Andres Gomez (CESGA)

HPC center: CESGA, Galicia, Spain,


Category of Best Practice: Managerial


An engineering SME specialized in tightening and sealing solutions to large industrial facilities in the industrial, power generation and oils& gas sectors, presented a very special case at CESGA. The SME had no knowledge about HPC and related technologies and all their data was based in engineering experiments. So to get a different approach to the problem using HPC technologies “making a team” covering all the key aspects was a must. The team was formed by staff from the SME with the engineering and problem definition point of view, a technological centre covering the gap between the problem and the HPC resources and CESGA bringing resources and expertise closing the circle. The perfect assembly of all the partners and also them giving their best, was the key factor for achieving success overcoming the first inability of the software to manage such a complex and big model and remote visualization issues.


CESGA demonstrated that can build up a multidisciplinar team; the SME engineering team, a technological centre and CESGA resources and expertise, to provide a new vision that the enterprise could not face with it´s own resources and lack of expertise.


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