Accessing Supercomputers at IT4Innovations

Topic: Accessing Supercomputers at IT4Innovations

Speaker: Tomas Karasek (IT4I)

HPC center: IT4Innovations, Czech Republic


Category of Best Practice: SME awareness



One of the barriers SMEs has in term of accessing of computational resources at IT4Innovations is low awareness how to obtain access to our supercomputers. This best practice describes process how to get access to the computational time and IT4Innovations from applying, through obtaining login credentials to the explanation how to access IT4Innovations clusters.



This best practice will be available on our webpage and we will disseminate it to our industrial partners as a short overview how to get access to our computational resources. More information is available on our webpage but this short text should serve as a starting point.

Fact Sheet: Accessing-Supercomputers-at-IT4Innovationspdf-icon