Inner Disturbance Caused by Swelling in a Harbour

HPC-Competence Center

Galician Supercomputing Centre (CESGA) is a public HPC Centre; bringing HPC, High bandwidth communications, storage, and advanced services to the Galician research community, Galician university academic system, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and industry, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It aims to contribute to the advancement of science and technology, through research and application of HPC and other information technology resources for the benefit of society as a whole.

The Enterprise

Established in 1998 INCAT (Atlantic Civil Engineering) is a Spanish SME with approximately 6 employees dedicated to consulting, engineering, designing and constructing in sectors like logistics engineering, marine engineering, land use and architecture.The main market specialization is harbour and shore engineering, from marine environment studies and estuary environments to infrastructure projects, including seashore land pacification and environment impact studies.

How HPC makes the difference


Fig: Inner disturbance caused by swelling in harbour with Y-Dimension coloured scale

INCAT ́s quest was to be able to predict the inner disturbance caused by swelling and the disturbance due to infra-gravity waves in the harbour of Burela (Spain). This system uses a FEM model resolving the soft slope equation or Berhkoff ́s equation.

A completely tailored system was developed for this specific harbour, implementing a FEM model developed by TELEMAT-MASCARET in CESGA ́s installations, automating the download and data input processes, model execution and output data processing.

INCATs CEO Manuel Cameáns Rodriguez stated that having CESGA as partner was essential to develop this new service integrated into the previous system SIMEON* : “It would be impossible to implement this kind of service with INCAT‘s current computational resources, and the investment required to enhance them is too costly. Therefore, CESGA resources and technical personnel support are essential for us to be able to offer these services to the institutions, generally public, in charge of harbour facilities.“

(*) acronym for a wave and weather forecast prediction system developed by INCAT