TETRAMAX offers financial support for innovative ideas in customized low-energy computing.

The 1st open call for Bilateral Technology Transfer Experiments focuses on short-term application experiments between one academic and one industry partner from two different EU member states or associated countries; in justified cases, both partners can be SMEs.

Technology Transfer Experiments are low-threshold initiatives to match European SMEs with academics. An academic institution offers a new technology that can be applied in an SME environment. In this call the two partners should be from different EU countries. The symbiosis of SMEs and academics result in creating cutting-edge technology in industry, new business models and focused academic research that can significantly improve productivity and increase added value for industries and SMEs in particular.



TETRAMAX project was launched in September 2017 and focuses on the domain of customized low-energy computing within the framework of the European Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 761349.

Call closing deadline: 28 February 2018!

For all details on the open call please visit our website: https://www.tetramax.eu/ttx/calls/ or send a message to opencalls@tetramax.eu.

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