High Success of SESAME Net in Serbia

After a workshop in Belgrade, a SESAME Net Workshop with training was organized at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering University in Niš, held on 8th of May, 2017. It attracted 24 SMEs from South Serbia, interested in using HPC technology. SMEs were invited to take part in both, the Regional Economy Chamber and Cluster for Advanced Technologies. After the presentation of SESAME Net project facts and objectives, research/teaching staff from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering presented IT/HPC infrastructure of the Faculty and demonstrated their readiness to offer computational expertise to SMEs from the region.

At the same time the Faculty of the Electronic Engineering expressed a clear intention to become a part of the net as a HPC Competency Centre or HPC Service Provider for SMEs. The presentation of the EU HPC Strategy and Digital Innovation Hub program, by Prof. Skala, caused a significant interest between SME representatives, especially the part about best practice and use cases, which was alluring for the audience. The discussion showed a wide range of different needs for HPC technology for SMEs, depending on their domain. Different areas were mentioned, from DSP processing, optoelectronics, graphical design, gaming, business applications, to AI applications. RBI presented his experience regarding the domain “HPC User Cluster” (Maritime Design Working Group), which is based on CRO National Smart Specialization and until now has 9 SME companies, which currently use HPC for business. After the discussion in Belgrade and Niš, it was concluded that a domain “HPC User Cluster” for the automotive industry will be launched in Serbia. There is a tradition of car manufacturing since 1938 by FIAT licenses and many SME companies are involved in that branch of industry. The domain “HPC User Cluster” is focused on national Smart Specialization and “Innovative Practice”. Innovation is manifested in linking SESAME Net objectives with the “National Smart Specializations” to achieve the strategic goal of EC (European Commission) in document “Digital Innovation Hub” (DIH). Generally speaking, the Workshop was very useful for both, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and SMEs from the region. As a result 22 new SME companies, from Serbia, joined to participate in the HPC4SME Assessment-tool.

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