Webinar “Efficient use of ARIS hpc.grnet.gr”

On April 6th the webinar “Efficient use of ARIS hpc.grnet.gr”, organized by GRNET, took place in Athens, Greece. It was addressed to the five (5) greek SMEs that were the result of the selection of the pilot call launched on February 6th, 2017 and can now have access to the national supercomputing facility.

The participants were informed about the supercomputing infrastructure (ARIS – Advanced Research Information System) and the way they can take advantage of the resources offered. During the webinar they also had the chance to start using the system, with the help of the GRNET team who answered all their questions on how to use the system and how to run the applications that have been selected.

The webinar’s sections were:

  • Introduction and short description of the participants and the projects selected
  • Supercomputing system ARIS architecture and technology
  • ARIS infrastructure access and use
  • Use cases, problems often encountered and best practices
  • MPI and OpenMP applications run
  • Applications benchmarking
  • Open discussion & questions

The participants were invited by email and had access to the webinar through GRNET e:Presence platform (https://new.epresence.grnet.gr).

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