SESAME Net and Smart Specialisation Strategy

Nautical Design Workgroup established for SMEs in Croatia

The maritime industry is a key driver in developing a sustainable economy in Croatia, which is based on the latest high-tech manufacturing technologies to assure the most efficient use of resources. The industry has a strong focus on product innovation and companies are playing an important role integrating innovative technology throughout the industry. The importance is highlighted in ‘Smart specialization strategy for the Republic of Croatia in period from 2016. to 2020.’ As a consequence and part of the strategy, a Croatian maritime competitiveness cluster (MarC) has been established to further support and strengthen the sector. Competitiveness clusters are non-profit organizations operating within sectors of strategic importance for the development, linking private, scientific-research and public institutions (triple helix). Competitiveness clusters are used as an instrument for raising sectoral competitiveness, and ensuring efficient use of EU funds and programmes, and as a mechanism to further internationalization and cross-sectoral networking, as well as to lobby for the sector, to promote and brand. The cluster provides a unique opportunity for establishing new competencies and relationships based on HPC technology.

The,main responsibility of MarC is to develop and improve strategies related to maritime industry. MarC is a part of the two global European clusters DITENAVE and PoleMER. MarC also opens door to various international funding opertunities which can be especially interesting to SMEs.

In scope of the current status of maritime industry in Croatia, the Nautical Design Workgroup (NDWG) has been set up specifically, in line with the strategy and remit of Sesame NET, to promote the take– up of HPC related technologies to further support SMEs in raising their competitiveness.

Linking EU smart specialisation and SESAME Net activities in the creation of domain-specific user group SME companies inside MarC Cluster using HPC technology to address market and business opportunities.

This is an innovative and exciting new model of integration and symbioses, providing a functional link between the smart specialization S3 and technological support through the SESAME Net project. It will lead to improvements in the work technology platform of SME companies, and enhance the strategic and market position in the future. The pooling of resources and expertise will lead to an increases in the critical mass of specialized SME companies, placing them in a far better position to take advantage of the global market.

The founding meeting of the Nautical Design Working Group was attended by representatives of SME companies, public scientific research institutes, universities, stakeholders and representatives of the Marc cluster. Within the half-day program the SESAME Net project was presented, informing attendees on the benefits and how best to deploy HPC technology in nautical design and industry. Following discussions, the cooperative concept and further work program was agreed.

The SME members of NDWG inside MarC Cluster :

  • BVB d.o.o – User-oriented software for rapid ship design
  • 3DF d.o.o. – 3D modeling, analysis, design
  • Allstars Engineering d.o.o – Design in shipbuilding
  • ITEL d.o.o – Design, implementation and maintenance
  • iCat d.o.o – Hydrodynamic, analysis, forecast services, traffic planning,
    bio-eco processes
  • as2con d.o.o- Environmental consultancy, monitoring and analysis services
  • Gekom d.o.o. – Geophysical and ecological modeling
  • Bioquant d.o.o – Consultancy, environmental monitoring, and analysis


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