SESAME Net project presented at Round table on Data Science for Industry and Government

SESAME Net project presented at Round table on Data Science for Industry and Government held on November 30, 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia

The Poster exhibition including the SESAME Net presentation.

Dr Karolj Skala presented the ideas of SESAME Net project during the Round table on Data Science for Industry and Government: Trends and Opportunities held on November 30, 2016. in Zagreb, Croatia. It was organized in the framework of the First International Workshop on Data Science, held by the Centre of Research Excellence for Data Science and Cooperative Systems. Presentations and discussion included representatives from the academic community, as well as active participation by representatives from industry and from public institutions and ministries. In conclusion, following discussions on the triangle relationship between science, the state and economic entities, the emphasis was put clearly on the connection between science and the economy.

View of the participants of the round table.

Most present recognized this relationship as the driving force that activates and pulls forward state institutions as facilitators. Such stakeholder institutions are themselves working on the adoption of new best practice and exploiting the opportunities that science and technology now offer. In that sense, participants found very interesting the idea of building a pan-European network involving HPC service providers and SMEs, that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge as well as the provision of technical support and HPC infrastructure to all relevant institutions in the country. The discussions also highlighted that one of the key challenges is actually creating the diverse and high-quality databases required for the purpose of data science analysis and applications on HPC computing systems. It was felt that the state could take a lead in this, by putting in more effort and resources to capture and make available the socio-economic data for the development of various applications for the benefit of SME companies using HPC technology.



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