GRNET Event with SMEs

The SESAME net guidelines for HPC center were successfully deployed recently in Greece. GRNET presented the ARIS supercomputer service, during the si-Cluster Partnering Meeting of the Innovation cluster Corallia (, on Friday, December 2nd 2016.

Corallia is an organization established in Greece for the structured and systematic management and development of innovation clusters. The si-Cluster (, established in 2009 as a joint initiative between Corallia ( and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (, is an emerging, industry-led and user-driven innovation cluster focusing on Space Technologies and Applications in Greece.

The meeting comprised Si-cluster members, including large businesses and SMEs, academic institutions, research centers and other stakeholders. GRNET attended to present practical information about supercomputing infrastructure and tools and inform the participants about HPC and the benefits of its use. There was a detailed presentation of GRNET supercomputer “ARIS” (, with a description of its technical characteristics and the existing access policy ( The participants had the opportunity to learn what a supercomputing system has to offer and the way it could provide a solution for them, according to their companies’ needs and demands. Following the presentation, participants raised many intersting questions about the GRNET HPC system, focusing on the way it could be included in their business processes with the aim to reduce their costs, improve the quality of their business, increase their efficiency, save time and become more competitive.

The participating SMEs showed great interest in accessing the system ”ARIS”, which will be made available when an open call is released by GRNET (expected February 2017). It will be a pilot call addressed to Greek SMEs wishing to access the GRNET HPC system, taking advantage of its services and giving all parties the opportunity for new collaborations. Moreover, a webinar addressed to SMEs interested in HPC services will take place, with the aim to highlight the advantages of HPC infrastructure and tools use as well as to support SMEs in writing their proposal for the up and coming pilot call.

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