Workshop on Best Practices in Nova Gorica

On 23-24 of January 2017 a SESAME Net meeting and workshop took place at headquarters of project coordinator Arctur in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Day one was devoted to the work progress review in the work packages. On the second day, the focus was on one of most strategic deliverables of the project, the HPC4SME Assessment Tool. The concept of the assessment tool and its methodology was originally developed by Arctur, and together with the SESAME Net partners the tool is being improved, automated and made available to SMEs on-line pan-Europe.

The workshop for HPC4SME Assessment Tool included a live testing of the tool and the assessment process to test both the content, the process, and overall user experience with SMEs.

SESAME Net partners were organized into working groups, each working with one of the SMEs. The process led to some very interesting discussions and provided invaluable input from the SMEs which have been captured to create the final version that will now be used by all partners with local SMEs in all the member states.

Overall, one of the most important outputs of the workshop is a united Pan-European approach for assessing the potential of HPC related technologies for SMEs. The SESAME Net team, responsible for the development of this deliverable, is now working on the improvements and a final release will be available for all European SMEs to assess the potential of HPC using the HPC4SME Self Assessment Tool.

Tomi Ilijaš, the CEO of Arctur and coordinator of SESAME Net project stressed the importance of promoting HPC technologies to entrepreneurs and helping European SMEs to take the first steps: “From mid-February on, the European SMEs will be able to assess their potential by simply registering on and completing the questionnaire. On-line support from technical experts is also available to help SMEs with any questions. The results of the assessment, based on the SME’s answers, will be generated using the DEXi engine and presented in a report to the SME, together with the recommendations on how to improve their competences and increase their potential of using HPC. All SESAME Net partners will be available throughout the process to assist SMEs to complete the assessment, but also to take the first, or next steps in the world of HPC and cloud computing, providing their expertise and free trial use of HPC infrastructure.”

photo-gallery from the meeting

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