What has happened so far?

Sesame Net eventsAfter one year – SESAME Net in numbers:

  • More than 1500 SMEs reached across Europe through various dissemination and communication activities;
  • Over 200 EN based SMEs contacted directly and at least 50 SMEs identified as interested to engage in the network;

  • 35 HPC centres contacted directly for the SESAME network extension;
  • An additional 11 HPC centres joined the network;
  • Two best practice workshops organized as webinars, and other 25 workshops and conferences organized by the consortium members;
  • 26 published use cases


MIPRO, Opatija, Croatia, 1st June 2016. SESAME Net organized a forum aiming to inform about the benefits of using HPC in SME and to contribute to the dissemination of best practice in HPC industrial use. The forum was opened for all who are involved in design, development, integration, marketing, use or support of HPC technologies and those who wish to become a part of the user community. The forum was especially helpful for SMEs that wish to gain knowledge about how to better adapt to market demand, develop innovation, produce new services and goods faster and increase their overall market competition.

ISC High Performance 2016 Conference, Frankfurt, Germany, 19th – 23rd June 2016. SESAME Net has been presented at ISC’16 through the participation of several partners and distribution of a brochure aiming to raise the interest for the network and attract new members.

4th Partner Meeting and Action Review Meeting, Ghent, Belgium, 27th June 2016. The action activities were carefully analyse by the highly competent team of reviewers nominated by the European Commission and the results was a very useful and thoughtful list of recommendations for the improvement of the action activities and its impact.

120th European Study Group with Industry „ESGI’120“, Sofia, Bulgaria, 25th – 29th July 2016. SESAME Net has been presented at ESGI’120.


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